What to Expect at Football Games


From September through November, the Helix Highlander Band, Pipes, and Color Guard perform at all home football games. The Pipe Band leads the football team onto the field and participates in pregame ceremonies. The Helix Highlander Band and Color Guard function as a pep band during the game and perform their field show during half-time. The band and guard provide a high degree of excitement and entertainment at the games and are strongly supported by our students, faculty, and staff, which adds to the campus atmosphere. Without our participation, games would not be as exciting or fun to see.


A typical home game schedule is as follows:
Call-time (report time)

4:30 pm – Leadership call time

5:00 pm – Full Band, Pipes, and Guard call time: dress, groom/braid hair

5:45 pm – Warm up & tune with your section leader

6:00 pm – Warm up & tune with full band

6:45 pm – Perform pregame in stadium

7:00 pm – Kickoff 

9:00–10:00 pm – Game conclusion time varies 

NOTE: Members of the Band stay for the entire football game unless told otherwise by the directors.

The call time is usually earlier for the homecoming game because the band performs before the game rather than at half-time.  



Helix Stadium (Jim Arnaiz Field)

Food & Drink

Please have your student eat a meal before arriving for a home football game.
Band volunteers provide water during football games.



  • Thin black athletic shorts
  • Black short-sleeved undershirt (no tank tops)
  • Crew-length black socks with no emblems/designs
  • Clean, approved black marching band shoes



Will my student need money? Your student typically will not need money for home football games.

What about parking? Parking is very tight during home football games. If you are just dropping students off, you can do so on the main street by the band room.

Can my student drive him/herself? Yes, if your student is a licensed driver and has parent permission – but be aware that parking is difficult at home football games.

Can I watch? Parents are encouraged to come to as many home football games as possible.  Yes, parents must pay to get into all football games. HIMA parents like to wear school colors and sit behind or near the band.

Why should I attend? Watching the band perform at home football games gives parents a chance to see the incredible progress our students make over the course of the marching season.  In the early games, the band only performs a selection or two from the field show.  As the season progresses, the entire field show is revealed and marching/music evolves into an exciting display. Your attendance gives support to our students.

Are there volunteer opportunities? Volunteers are needed for a variety of events throughout the school year.  Ask a Band Booster board member or committee chair how you can help for a single day or with multiple activities throughout the band season.