Bagpipe and Drums

Bagpipe and Drums

The Helix Highlander Pipe Band is a symbol of Helix Charter High School and the La Mesa Community. This unique group performs during home football games, in parades, at Scottish festivals, and for many civic events.  

Students in bagpipe band are part of a highly specialized and communal education environment. Although an instructor leads the class, much of the teaching comes from group activities and is often student directed, in keeping with the traditions of pipe bands of Scotland.

The Helix Bagpipe Band introduces all aspects of the Scottish culture rather than just learning to play the pipes and various Scottish drums. This should include Scottish history using DVDs, Highland dancing (Highland Fling, Sword Dance), and Helix pipe band history when the opportunity presents itself. This gives awareness of the importance of bagpipes to Scotland as well as the English military culture, which is the basis for this pipe band. 

This group is availible for hire for private and public events. Contact


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